Individual Addiction Therapy And It’s Advantages

Posted: August 9, 2015 by in Recovery Treatment Care Center


The first stage of addiction is denial. We tend to not see ourselves as having a problem with alcohol and drug addiction. Because of denial, sometimes we reject that we need addiction treatment or we never understand the need for therapies, so in the end we ward off the idea that we need help.

Addiction therapies come in many forms. It can be group therapy, experiential therapy, equine therapy and many more.  Some may think or wonder, why choose individual addiction treatment or therapy instead of group therapy? Here are some of the advantages of individual addiction therapy:


Group therapy is focused on sharing of experience that everyone can relate to while personalized therapy provides space necessary to share even your darkest secret to one person. Individual therapy is for the people who want privacy. You can hire a one-on-one counselor, which can provide you with the privacy to get off your feelings off your chest.


Each addict need to get through for his/her addiction treatment at their own pace. By having a counselor, you can lay out a framework of your addiction recovery rehabilitation services  and set personal goal with him/her to allow yourself time for achievements and progress. You are more likely to focus more on keeping yourself on track without being distracted by others.


Individual therapy can also teach you how to communicate your emotions and thoughts with your addiction therapist in more intimate settings. By saying your problems, you begin to learn how to improve your communication skills and better understand the words that you use, and how to express yourself.


Sitting beside other recovering addicts and listening to their stories sometimes could be frustrating. Sometimes you feel the urge to express yourself right away, but you can’t because you have to wait for your turn or something. When you’re working hands on with one therapist, you can talk to him/her straight to the point and begin to discuss what has been the reason why you’re using alcohol and drug.


Each person has a different set of coping skills. As you move past your addiction. You and your therapist can discuss what triggers you to use and why, and you can quickly develop the skills essential to avoid relapsing.

If you’re looking for the finest addiction recovery rehabilitation services in Green Bay WI, Recovery Treatment Care Center is one of the great deals in providing alcohol and drug addiction treatment. They provide different kinds of therapy both individualized and group. They also provide holistic therapies that are very effective in achieving long-term addiction recovery.


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