The Rumors and Stigma of Drug Addiction

Posted: August 1, 2015 by in Recovery Treatment Care Center

Due to popularity of many celebrities, it is not avoidable that people gossip them. Also, because of the popularity of internet and the social media, people can post anything they want, whether it’s true or not.  For example, because of twitter being popular today, people tend to tweet information that are not reliable such as Zac Efron went to rehab for abusing cocaine or Lamar Odom’s unproven drug use, which ruined his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Well, it’s the same when we were in High School. It’s like going to school every Monday morning, where everybody is so excited to know what others or their friends did over the weekends. Rumors from person to person don’t take too long to spread the campus. These rumors then end up being true, while other rumors end up differently from what truly happened. But mind you, rumors may be harmless but other rumors can have credible life-changing outcomes. For example, If rumors about someone using illicit drugs. Oh yes, that could be life changing.

What do you think when someone is using drugs? What comes into your mind? Maybe you’ll think someone who has ruined his/her life or maybe someone who is a very dangerous person. Most of us think that it is a big deal when someone is using illicit maybe because drug use can lead to addiction and addiction can lead to destruction of one’s life. Using drugs can change the view of others to the individual who is using drugs and this is what we call ‘stigma’. But, before judging someone who has been hooked into substance, there are things that we need to consider.

Yes, they may have been hooked into drugs but have you ever thought that these people might be needing help? That is the truth, these individuals who have been into drugs needs professional help. They need to undergo treatment and support. We should not judge or mistreat them but that is not how others treat these individuals instead others look at them as trash, useless, or a dangerous person.

As I can see, this is a very terrible situation for an individual who really use drugs, this person might feel defenseless to set their life back or to recover from their addiction.  When gossip is posted on social media site such as Facebook and Twitter, it really can affect someone, especially if that person is really using drugs. If people have seen these rumors on social media whether true or not, they might be less inclined to trust that individual.

I understand that gossip is one of the hardest things to fight. Gossip can make you lose a friend or opportunities and that is the reason why it is not good to gossip others behind their backs or believing that rumor without affirming it. But my advice is instead of spreading gossip, why not consider in helping that individual? Why not ask him/her to enter rehab recovery programs? Or ask them to attend Rehabilitation Services in Green Bay WI. Isn’t it better if you have helped someone rather than ruining their life?

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